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Learning to feel confident and unafraid “Touch me and your first lesson is free,” says Anthony Segal’s T-shirt.



The SSC Legacy Group of Companies, established in 1962, is South Africa’s oldest privately owned and managed Security, Corporate Investigations and Training Consultancy.


Girls Learning to SHOOT - view pics and video's

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Springs Girls High learns Krav Maga facilitated through the Proactive education group
and Rape Wise South Africa


KRAV MAGA Kids Training
Some pictures taken over the event...

Basic Gun Defence Course

On Sunday the 22nd March, we offered a basic Gun defence course held at a shooting range in Roodepoort. We had over 20 students from the IKI Krav Maga Sandringham School with students learning gun defence, the youngest student who took part was 9 years old!.

About the range:
The Shooting Range, 21st century state of the art training facility has:
One large classroom that caters for 20 people.
Three underground shooting ranges:
2 x 15 m and 1 x 30 m each allow four shooters to shoot simultaneously and caters for all calibres (the 30m range excludes shotguns.) The 30m range uses a virtual live fire simulator, allowing people to shoot live size moving targets and situations that they may encounter, simulating reality as close as possible. More info
The Piper Knife System

Several students from IKI Krav Maga Sandringham attended the Piper Knife System which was held in Krugersdorp by Kobus van Eden who demonstrated the highly effective system.

The Piper Knife System or Piper as its commonly called, refers to the body of South African criminal knife research, developed by Nigel E February, during the early nineties.

Its primary purpose was to study, analyse & counter the physical methods of the SA criminals & gangsters, as it relates to knife crime. Developed in Cape Town, this research tool has now grown into an actual "martial art", complete with ranks, grading & apprentice programs. Click here to view the video's
Womens Self Defence Workshop 2015
On Saturday the 7th February, we hosted a Women Only Self Defence course held at the Zoo Lake. There was specific focus directed to knife, gun, hand grabs and rape attacks which is a vital component that everyone should know. 

We had a great turnout and all the ladies took away with them smething that they will keep with them forever!

To find out more about the next Self Defence course, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Fighting Fit in 2015!  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Are you looking to improve yourself 2015?
Looking to learn a new skill? Want to learn how to defend you and those you love the most? Then Krav Maga could be exactly what you're looking for in 2015.

We offer a range of classes for those looking to improve their fitness into 2015 whilst learning a new skill. Krav Maga classes cover a variety of self-defence problems, a thorough workout and also fun!
The Vitality points machine  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

IKI Krav Maga - Sandringham is excited to inform you that we have paired up with Discovery Vitality points machine which has been installed at our Sandringham facility.

With a Vitality points machine installed at various registered companies and sport clubs, Vitality members have more options when looking to keep fit. Just record your workouts on the Vitality points machine at a registered fitness facility and earn Vitality points.

For more information, click here

Earn points while you learn to defend yourself
Other News  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

According to Alan and Athony KRAV MAGA is a "supremely effective and constantly evolving Israeli self-defence system - known for its simplicity, ease of learning and devastating power". They are quick to point out that Krav Maga is not a sport but a form of self-preservation, which enables you to defend yourself as opposed to fighting. The techniques allow a practitioner to clear, control and counter any attack or threat. Krav Maga has developed from other disciplines that go as far back 1928 and allow the most vulnerable in society (women, children and the elderly) to defend themselves.

Alan and Anthony recommend attending Krav Maga classes for at least a month to start becoming proficient in some of the techniques.

Longevity Magazine - Fitness Article. read more

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